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I was on Yasmin for about 2 years and lost all sexual interest in my boyfriend, no self lubrication, and moodiness. Within a month of stopping the pill, I returned to normal with a high sex drive and no irrability/moodswings. I am now on the Depo shot which was great for the first couple of weeks but I have had light spotting for the last 3 weeks. I have had no other side affects. I am due for the next shot on July 10th and am unsure if I should wait it out and see if my cycle returns to normal with the next shot of if I should try another method. It seems many people have experienced long periods also but I couldn't find any information about if it became shorter or more regular over time.

If you recomend switching from depo, any suggestions? I don't want to experience the side affects of the pill but I may consider trying Mirena IUD or something new. Has anyone used Mirena soon after coming off Depo? I have read Depo stays in your system for a long time after stopping the shots so is there a wait period before switching? Anyone had long periods with Mirena?

Thank you for any advice.. It is amazing how many problems people have with different birth control methods.. I wish the doctors were more informed and gave more information about ALL the common side affects.

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