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It's interesting that you should post this, as I'm currently experiencing the same thing. I probably have the same pills (Sprintec - $9 at Wal-Mart) which is the generic brand for Ortho-Cyclen. I have been on these pills for 4.5 mos now and I hate how nauseous & moody I am!! At one point, I was so nauseous, I thought I was pregnant again (I already have a 2 yr old)!!

I've been up tonight, searching the web for the ingredients of this pill to compare with Ortho-Cyclen, but can't seem to find a site that provides the exact amount of each chemical is in Sprintec. I was able to find it for Ortho-Cyclen, but not Sprintec.

Anyway, I used Ortho-Cyclen for YEARS... at least 7.5 years and have never experienced the problems I'm having with this generic brand. I'm upset I just bought 3 mos worth at the last pick-up, but I'm definitely going back to Ortho-Cyclen. I can't take what this drug is doing to me emotionally (depression-like symptoms & moodiness). Like I said, I have a toddler AND I teach elementary school, so a mood-altering drugs is [B]THE LAST THING [/B]I need. I would strongly suggest you consult your pharmacist & ob/gyn about switching to another brand. You may want to try something that is not 'generic'. I'm all for generic brands of certain things, but in this case, I'm highly disappointed.

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