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I just had Mirena put in a little over 3 weeks ago. My reasons were mainly to control very heavy bleeding and clotting and periods that would last for months without stopping, however I do not have fibroids. I had previously been on birth control pills (Ortho TriCyclen) to regulate my periods, which my doctor said I needed to get off of because the estrogen was causing me to have high blood pressure and because of my age (I'm 46). Having the Mirena inserted was fairly painful, but I did not take any painkillers prior and also my doctor used nothing for numbing and I was not on my period, all of which I believe would have helped. It wasn't beyond what I could stand, but it was very uncomfortable for the few minutes it took to get it inserted. Immediately I started cramping, which were fairly severe, but Ibuprofen helped. I also spotted for a few days. Then a few days of nothing. My period started about a week later, which was my normal time and was about normal as far as amount of bleeding, but it lasted for about a week and a half. Since then I've been spotting, but now the past couple of days it has pretty much stopped and I have no cramping. I do already notice that I am having more acne, but so far not extreme. I also read several different boards prior to having Mirena put in and I also was nearly scared out of it, but what I have experienced is not nearly as bad as what I had myself braced for. I decided that the chance of having no more periods and being able to live my life again was worth dealing with some discomfort and a few side effects. So far no weight gain or headaches or anything else unusual. I don't regret having it put in at all and have no thought of having it removed. I know that everyone reacts to things differently, but I am quite happy with it, at least so far! Hope that helps!

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