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My doctor told me to start taking the pill today, the third day of my period. Will my period play out like normal? How soon after taking my first placebo pill will I get my next period?
I have never heard of starting the pill on the third day of your period. Most people start on the first day of their period or the Sunday after their period starts.

I was on OTC-LO for about two years and I got my period on the fourth day of taking the placebo pills. I guess it depends on when you start.

That's so strange that your doctor would tell you to start it on the 3rd day of your period! I've never heard of that, ever. Read the directions that came with the pill, it clearly states to start either on the first day of your period or the Sunday after the first day of your period. That doctor is totally wrong!

In answer to your question, your next period could potentially be very screwy because your doctor told you to start on the wrong day. I've never started it on the wrong day, so I honestly have no idea what's going to happen. But I will tell you this much, if you have some breakthrough bleeding or spotting, or any kind of weird bleeding, then don't be too surprised and don't freak out. Just know that your doctor gave you the completely wrong info and that your body is trying its best to adjust to having started taking the pill on the wrong day.
You can take the pill on the third day of your period. My doctor told me the same thing when I first started takign OTCLo. I went to a clinic and the doctor explained to me that I can start the pill any time I want, but it would be best to do it either the first day or Sunday. That's why the pills contain those stickers so you can adjust the day on which you start taking the pill.
But anyway... if you want to wait till Sunday, I think you should. It's only a few days away and it would be better for you to start then anyway.

Your period will be normal and when I was on OTCLo I almost always got my period on the third day of the placebos.
I honestly had no idea about the Sunday or first day starts until I read some stuff online last night. The thing is I went in for my appointment yesterday (Wednesday) to get the pill, and I was very clear that my period had started on Monday.

My doctor seemed very concerned that I was safe and prepared for sex (I'm preparing for my first time) and wanted me to start immediately. She even had the nurse set my dispenser pack for Wednesday and told me to take my first pill when I got home, which I did. I don't want to mess around with this kind of stuff by waiting until Sunday to take the next one, since I already took the first pill.

I'm freaking out now. I'll call the clinic in a minute. I wish I had done more research sooner now, because I needed to be protected in two weeks (going on vacation with my boyfriend, and I was told it would take two weeks to be protected). I have condoms too, but I'm afraid that'll take away from the intimacy of my first time. If The nurses tell me to wait until Sunday I guess it'll be condoms or nothing until the two weeks are up.

Thanks for the replies, ladies. I'll let you know what they tell me.
since you already took the first pill, continue as directed. I also started mid cycle and things were fine.
Thanks. That's reassuring.

The nurse said it was ok to have started when I did and that I should continue, and just watch forr anything wierd. And call back if I had more questions.
You will be perfectly fine. If your doctor tells you that it's okay, than it is. I would much rather trust my doctor than random information on the internet. They let you adjust the pack for a reason so that you can start when you want to.
Also, you don't have to wait two weeks for the pill to be effective. You only have to wait one week... so you don't have to worry about using condoms unless you really want to.
Thank you! I'm very happy that I called and got the right information. My pack didn't come with any stickers or anything like that, and both the doctor and nurse told me separately to start immediately, so I guess I had no reason to freak out. I'm a birth control n00b, everything freaks me out.

A website says that I don't need to use other methods of birth control if I start on the first day of my period, and if I do a Sunday start I need to wait 7 days. I won't be seeing my boyfriend until I've been on the pill for 13 days anyway, haha.

Thanks for all the help, everyone. I know I made a good, responsible decision and that's one less thing to worry about. :)
Um...I have to agree with everyone here. I never heard of a doctor telling you to take the pill on the 3rd day of your pd. It's the first day of your pd or a sunday.

I was on that same exact pill and my pd's were actually fine but that's just me.The pills seemed to have improved my pd's, but since I'm off the pill my pd's are worse than before. I think birth control helps pd's but that's just my opinion.

I would follow the direction on the paper that your BC came in.

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