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I just finished my first 3 weeks of Yasmin today. So far, so good. A bit of moodiness, a bit of spotting, but nothing to complain about. I should be starting the 1 week of sugar pills tomorrow. Perfect timing too, 'cuz my long-distance boyfriend is coming into town next week and... yay.

Except. I went to the doctor yesterday for acne, and he gave me some oral antibiotics (AFTER I told him I am on the pill). I took the first anti biotic pill today and then about 20 minutes later, it hit me that antibiotics interfere with birth control. Ugh. I don't know why I didn't think of it soonerm but I also wish the doctor had put 2 and 2 together.

Right away I went to the washroom and tried to throw up the stupid antibiotic (maybe 30 min - 1h after. It took a while. I'd make a lousy bulimic).

I called the clinic that I got the pill from. Initially they said to use a backup method for the rest of the month. When I said I was on my last pill, they hemmed and hawed and finally said to use backup methods for a month, but to call the pharmacy just to be sure.

I called the pharmacy and they said to wait 2 days and I'd be fine. The woman didn't speak the best English, however.

I called another clinic, and they said the antibiotic should be out of my system because it takes a few days for them to be effective anyway, but just in case I should use a backup method for 2 weeks.

Here are my options:
-Condoms. Using condoms would suck, because I haven't seen the boyfriend in ages, and won't see him again for ages. I went on the pill specifically for these 2 weeks (and all the visits that come after, obviously). Pregnancy would suck worse, though. I don't wanna mess around with that.
- Do the sugar pills as usual, start the new pack and don't use condoms, assuming that the 1 antibiotic pill won't do much, especially because I tried to throw it up.
- Skip the sugar pills, and start the new pack straight away which will get more hormones into my system ASAP and use the same logic as above.

I don't know who's advice to trust here. Obviously I wanna believe the pharmacy, but not enough to blindly risk making a baby.


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