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Hi! I would like some opinions please on my situation.

I'm 22 and I have been taking Yasmin birth control since I was about 16 years old. I have always liked it, have not had any problems, and have always had a regular period, 28-30 days.

I was recently laid off from my job and lost my health insurance and I didn't realize I was out of birth control until after I finished my last pack, during the 7 days I was not taking anything. Since I did not have insurance I asked a local clinic for a birth control sample to tide me over until I was able to get in and see Planned Parenthood (because they offer cheap birth control). However, the clinic did not have Yasmin so they gave me a box of Yaz. I decided this was okay because switching to Yaz had crossed my mind once or twice, and when I get to Planned Parenthood I will just tell them I want to continue with the Yaz instead.

I normally start my birth control on a Tuesday, so I end on a Monday, and usually get my period the following Friday or Saturday. The Friday/Saturday after I finished my last pack of Yasmin, when I was supposed to get my period, it did not come. I was supposed to start taking my Yaz the following Tuesday, but I forgot, so I took one pill Wednesday morning and then another Wednesday night, to make up for the missed pill. I took it Thursday night, and then on Friday I forgot to take it again. :confused: I then took two pills Saturday night to make up for the missed pill. I have been taking it regularly since then, and I'm 9 days into the pack.

It all seems like such a coincidence that I just started a new birth control and that I forgot to take two pills in the first week of Yaz, but I actually missed the period the weekend BEFORE starting Yaz (I was supposed to get it Friday/Saturday and I didn't start taking the Yaz until the following Wednesday).

My period is 12 days late today and at 10 days I took a home pregnancy test and it was negative. I am having cramping like I am going to get my period and I keep thinking it's coming so I run to the bathroom and there's nothing there. The cramping is worse at night (I was actually in bed trying to sleep but couldn't because the cramping was bothering me so I came on here).

I've recently been reading online about changes in cervical position and changes in cervical mucus throughout the menstrual cycle and I'm no expert, but for the last few days my cervix has been low, hard, and it feels open - it feels like there is a divet which I can place my fingertip into. Also after checking my cervix there is always mucus on my fingers that is kind of thick and whitish - it almost has the cottage cheese appearance but with very, very, VERY small lumps. It's not smooth and slippery but a little thicker.

I actually had a yeast infection AND bacterial vaginosis about 2 months ago and I was on an antibiotic for the yeast infection and a one-time pill (can't remember the name) for the BV. I never did have a followup appointment but I assumed they cleared.

As I said I do not have medical insurance right now so I'm reluctant to go have a quant hCG pregnancy test done right now. I'm hoping maybe there is a clinic around here that offers free pregnancy tests.

If anyone has any input, please share!!! I really do NOT want to be pregnant so I'm really stressing over this and it's all I think about. Thanks!

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