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I have read in many places that it only takes 2-4 hours for the birth control pill to absorb.
so i am assuming that is true
I threw up once last week and once this week. but NEITHER TIME WAS BECAUSE OF MY BIRTH CONTROL
I am on aviane, and have been for 6 months, and have had no problems. I have never missed a pill

i threw up once last week 7 hours after i took me pill because i drank a bit too much

and then i threw up once a week later(yesterday) 12 hours after i took my pill. This time it was because i gave blood.

So since both times were well passed the 2-4 hour window am i ok to have sex? I also took all the pills in between the two vomiting eposodes on time. I took my pill yesterday on time, and will continue to take them on time for the rest of the month. So since the pills were absorbed both times is it ok to have sex?

I had no problems keeping my pill down any other day. I have had no break through bleeding or anything either. I am very good about taking my pill on time

neither time i threw up was because of my pill, so dont worry, my pill has not given me any problems with side effects since i started it :]
I think you'll be fine. XD The most I'd say is wait a day or two, at most, if you did throw up your pill. But the fact you took it 12 hours before you threw up, that sucker is already in your system. I've done the same thing once or twice (screw you, lack of alcohol tolerance!) and I'm still baby free! :D
your fine I've asked my doctor about this because I get migraines that make me throw up. My doctor said as long as its three hours or more after you took your pill then your fine.

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