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Well they say the minimum for an oral contraceptive is 3 months. Your hormones are very complex chemicals in your body and dictate much of how you feel - and in the case of birth control when you menstruate. It takes this long for your body to get used to the new hormones you're taking with the pill. I know as far as estrogen goes some women under certain medical conditions can't have estrogen (perhaps their natural levels are too high?) so they take what's called a "mini pill" which is also an oral contraceptive but contains just the progesterone.

We have all had our share of difficult doctors. Not to say that they are bad, but some are better at listening and helping you than others. If you're stuck in a situation where you can only work with what you have. You are your best advocate so when you go to the doctor be armed with as much knowledge as possible. I find just going to google and searching with words related to my questions help a lot - even if they're about the gory details of the female anatomy!

Thats how I found this message board, too. I also frequent places like and I wouldn't be afraid to go to the library either.

In all, though, changing different hormones and dosages unfortunately often has the side effects you're experiencing. The trick is to stick out those 3 months if they are bareable, and see how you feel then like you have been doing.

You have the right to refuse treatment, though, so if your doctor wants to just tell you whats right for you, you have every right to tell her why you think that may not be the case. So don't be afraid to do some research and go into it knowing you're an individual and every medicine you try will have its own reaction with you. What your doc may think works for her doesn't work for everyone else and you should be able to have a discussion, not just follow her lead.

I think many doctors who prescribe the pill do it so often they don't stop and think of the fact they're truly changing the chemistry of their patient. I'm about to try switching from Jolessa to Femcon Fe and asked many many many questions of my doctor. Its what I pay them to do - help answer my questions! So don't be afraid, know that you have a right to discuss the best treatment, not what the doctor only thinks is best, and ask lots of questions to find the right hormones for you!

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