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That's weird, usually women experience the opposite effect on the pill. I'm not sure what to tell you?

Also, is there a medical reason why you're skipping your period for such long intervals?
No reason. Just didn't want to have any.
I'm thinking that skipping my periods for 4 to 6 months at a time has something to do with it.
When I started the pill, my boobs grew a full cup size. ...but now, I've been skipping for almost 2 years.
I'm gonna stop skipping and see what happens.
If there is no medical reason for you to do so, then it's not a good idea to keep skipping your period. You really need to start allowing your body to have one, at least every other month. There are a ton of other medical problems that can occur if you never have a period. Just read about all of the issues affecting women on Depo who don't get a period? That's only the tip of the iceberg. It's better to take a break every other month than to go continously without a period for a long time. Do some research on it and you will see that a woman's period is a vital component of her overall health maintenance.
Texas -

I agree with the pp about not skipping your periods. I think it actually can lead to bone loss and you're too young at age 25 to be experiencing that. Regarding the reduction in breast size, I wonder if it could be a result of having switched to a generic? Yes, chemically they're both supposed to be the same. However, the generic could have different 'fillers' than the brand that might cause you to metabolize it differently. I think this happens especially in sensitive individuals. I can remember when I was on Ovcon-35 (which is now Femcon FE), I was taking the brand name. All of a sudden, the company decided that they were just going to change the colors of the pills to give it a new 'look' but still kept it the brand name. Well, when I started taking the color change ones, I started spotting. I didn't have that on the previous ones before the color change.
I told my gyn about what I was doing (this was last year long before my boobs shrunk), and she said that it was fine.
I've been on the generic for 2 you think that it can take that long to have that kind of effect?
I'm due for another checkup in a few months. I'll ask her about it. Maybe switch pills. And definitely not skip so many periods. It was nice while it lasted....

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