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i have been taking yasmin as birth control for a few months now and am just about to start month five. just recently i was prescribed amoxillin as an antibiotic because i came down with strep throat. the doctor gave me ten days of antibiotics, where i take two pills a day. i have been taking my birth control almost perfect for this entire month, and i didn't miss any days nor was ever any later than a few minutes in taking it each day. however, i wasn't fully aware of the effects that antibiotics can possibly have on birth control effectiveness, and on sunday my boyfriend and i had unprotected sex four times. i was on my seventh day of taking the antibiotics. he pulled out all of the times before ejaculation, so he never actually came inside of me. it is wednesday now and my period is due to be here on next monday. i'm really worried that the fact that we didnt use a condom while i was on the antibiotics could have maybe gotten me pregnant!

please i really need answers. what do you think? do you think that there is a big chance that i could be pregnant from this even though i took my birth control perfectly both before the antibiotic and during? and also since he pulled out each time before cumming?
i know this was long but i'm seriously freaking out. if anyone could please give me some answers that would be greatly appreciated!
please someone i need answers! please......
I am on the pill (Velivet) and the dr also prescribed amoxycillin for 10 days for my strep throat. She told me that it [B][U]does[/U][/B] interfere with birthcontrol. And that a back up should be used while I am taking the antibiotic and until the antibiotic clears out of my system.
I never got to finish the 10 days as I had an allergic reaction and broke out in a full body rash that lasted a good month...and that was with meds for the rash.

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