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I am 32, married, and wanting to get pregnant. I took a progesterone only birth control pill for 7 years and got off this past June. Since then I have had about 3 periods. My last true period was in October, and I had a very light one in Dec. Nothing since then.

I was SUPER stressed out since getting off the pill. I was exercising a ton, not eating much. I lost about 7 pounds in 4 months. (I was not overweight. I am NOT underweight now, though, still in a healthy range.) I moved in November to start a new job. My stress is just calming down this past week or two, and I stopped my over exercising for about 2 months.

I had a full work up by a reproductive endocrinologist last week. She said that I have PCOS, and wants to put me on metformin, BUT, I am not insulin resistant, not overweight. She did not measure testosterone. I cannot remember what she said about my ovaries. I think it was borderline, i.e. could go either way, but I have read that micronor is associated with cysts in the ovaries. I am going back tomorrow for a follow up and am getting a second opinion from another reproductive endocrinologist next week.

My questions are:
1) Has anyone experienced amenorrhea and/or irregular periods after getting off micronor, nor-qd, or camilla - the progesterone only pills?

2) Has anyone gotten PCOS from taking that pill?

3) How long has it taken people around my age (32) to get pregnant?

4) How do you think stress affects your menstrual cylces and ovulation?


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