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Hi Ladies,
I need help.
I feel like I have been on every single birth control on earth. Hated most. OrthoTriCyclenLo was my first, lasted a month because my campus health center didn't offer that in the year plan. It made me bloated and crampy anyway. I have been on LoEstrin (about a year) and I became very depressed and moody, not to mention that my light, short periods changed into breakthrough bleeding and irregularity after about a year. LoOvral made me spot but cleared up my depression/moodiness. Desogen made me bleed for three months straight, literally. WORST experience. Now I am on OrthoCyclen (not the TRI-Cyclen) and it has been pretty OK so far. I feel kind of emotional, but I combat that as best as I can with a sublingual B supplement. Seems to work, a bit. My breasts have gone from a small A to nearly a B, which I LOVE. I have gained a bit of weight, in very uneven areas (i.e. stomach 'pouch,' thighs). I am 20 years old and am 120 lbs so weight gain in uneven areas is really noticeable. My REAL problem with Cyclen is that I am in the middle of my fourth pack and I started having another period. I haven't been able to get to four months into a new pill before my period goes haywire in one way or another. It seems that every single pill since LoEstrin has made me have irregular periods. My period prior to bcp was great, 5 days, no cramps, no pms.
I am to the point that I want to just quit the pill and take a semester off of it just to re-regulate, but I don't want to risk that because my boyfriend and I are sexually active. He has stuck by me through all of these HORRIBLE pill experiences and I know it is hard on him, too. Wow, this is long. Anyway, I just need some guidance from ladies--either my age or especially from ladies that are a bit older just to give me some help one way or another.

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