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Just thought I would share my Mirena experience. Well I first got it inserted in July of 05 after the birth of my third child. It did hurt quite a bit and for three days I wasn't able to do much because of the intense cramps. After that it was great, I never really had any problems with it or side effects. A year ago it fell out though, so I went back to the doctor and got a new one, same thing Mirena and the second insertion didn't really hurt that much. I guess I should have listened to my body since it pushed it out for a reason because the second one was total hell. I would have mild cramps almost everday and a couple times a month I would cramp so badly that it honestly felt like labor, I couldn't move or do anything except cry. I had absolutly no sex drive, daily headaches, I would become drepressed for no reason, but the cramps were just unbearable. I decided a couple months ago to get it removed. I called planned parenthood and was told it would be $160 just to have it removed!!! Thats insane, so I started looking for information on removing it myself and I actually found a website with a thread on it dedicated to just that. Everyone said they just gently pulled on the strings (like the doctor does when she removes it.) So I got up the courage and pulled my IUD out this morning actually. It was so easy and painless I was really surprised and I can already feel the difference in my mood. I wish I had done it sooner.
It was weird that the first one didn't effect me negatively but the second one did.

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