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In my experience, you wont get this prolonged and unpredictable period type thing next month, but be prepared for mild spotting every single day. This is what I got.

Ive got it right now still. My cycle thing is (not taking any sugar pills purposefully)

Week 1 (period week) started pill on day 3-4 of cycle (period almost finished, but then began again for one further day and then disappeared)
Week 2 (first week after period) - no spotting, but mood swings, hormonal headaches, and cramp-like pain
Week 3 Mild spotting began every day. Nothing at all overnight until 3pm. Then 3pm until night time, spotting, complete with cramp-like pain.
Week 4 (week before period) major spotting to the extent I may as well have my period now, but its only from about 1pm until 9pm. Then there is absolutely nothing. Mood swings and headaches seem to have settled. Still get cramp-like pain daily.

Fun times.

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