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July 2009 was when I noticed that my menstral cycle was freaking out and there was no more 28 days in between. I was lucky to get 18 days. Also, they were lasting longer - instead of 5-7 days, they were 7-10 days and heavy cramping, bleeding, and pain.

Now - I am 40 years old. I am expecting things to go a little out of control but this was severely impacting my life.

In February 2010, I went to my doctor because I was anemic and exhausted from the constant battle with this issue. My doctor prescribed progestrone to hopefully stop the cycles and help me to get back on track. This made things worse and my anemia was very bad. I was ghostly white, no energy, and missing work because of pain.

I was prescribed a new drug named Seasonique. Seasonique stops mentral cycles for 3 months at a time which was what I needed to fix the anemia and low energy. It worked. I had energy, was hitting the gym 4-5 times a week and I felt great. With my long awaited vacation coming up where I had 5 days at home and a 4 day hiking trip planned, I needed this.

One month later, my doctor noticed some superficial blood clots in my lower left leg. No big deal. An aspirin a day would take it away.

Another 20 days later, I get a doppler, an ultrasound of the veins, which informs me that I have some very big and bad blood clots that were very serious in my left leg. Immediately, I was pulled off the Seasonique and on April 28th, I was given Lovenox shots to inject myself with and Coumadin.

April 30th, I was placed on bedrest for the weekend as my doctor suspected something more but couldn't get me into the specialist until Monday, May 3rd.

May 3rd, I go to the doctor and was immediately hospitalized with a CT of the chest within hours of admission. They found several blood clots in both of my lungs. I was in bad shape whereas the week before I had felt great.

I have a long road to recovery. Six months of Coumadin, getting blood tested every Monday, seeing a specialist, no travel, definite changes to my diet, lifestyle, and abilities. I cannot be in crowds for fear of getting bumped too hard or wash dishes where a fork or knife may be in the sink for fear of accidentally cutting myself. I do not get to eat green veggies or open a can with a can opener. I don't get to take my vacation or any long weekends for hiking or travel. I do not get to go to the gym and work out because the blood clots in my lungs are unprotected.

Drugs like Seasonique are not tested as rigorously as drugs were years ago. When I was a teenager or young adult, you never heard of someone almost dying from side effects from a birth control pill. I almost died from a side effect of a birth control pill. A new state of the art birth control pill that made my blood thick like oil and created clots in both my legs which then traveled to my lungs and almost caused me to die. This took a whole two and a half months to form and invade - not six months or a year. 75 days - not even a little league baseball season.

We are all getting older. Our bodies are not doing what we want and some of us deal with very painful monthly - bimonthly issues we only talk with to our very best friends. Please be careful how you deal with it. Please do not trust new drugs or think you are free from the side effects these drugs cause which can kill you.

I am 40 years old, ate healthy, and worked out 4-5 times a week. I use to feel invincible - super woman. I am now a ticking time bomb trying not to go off. Take care of yourselves and listen to your body.

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