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[re trying to skip a period] I started my new pack of Kariva (3 weeks of 2 hormone pills, 2 days of sugar pills, and 5 days of a 1-hormone pill, low dosage) (skipping the placebo week) on May 28th. I started spotting (brownish/reddish wipe) to where i need a liner, but nothing else, on May 30th. It hasn't stopped since! I called the doctor and she said that after a week of being on the regular white pills, I would be okay (the pharmacist at the store I get my pills said the same thing). That would have been this past Saturday, the 6th. I'm still going. I am getting married on June 27th, and going to Jamaica the next day for a week. The only things I want to take on my honeymoon are me, my husband, and our clothes/swimsuit. Definitely do not want to take "aunt flo" or anything related to it. My question is this. Do I skip the placebo week of this pack (Thursday-Wednesday), going to the new pack on the 18th, or should I go through the placebo week on the 18th, having my period and starting a new pack on the 25th (2 days before the wedding). I usually spot on tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday and start bleeding on Saturday (3rd day of the week in the placebo week), until about Wednesday. I asked my friend, who just graduated from pharmacy school, and she said that she would go ahead and take the placebo week. What do ya'll think?

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