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IUD strings can be felt and will be found on any examination. You could use an implant or injections to keep it from your boyfriend. However you should tell any doctor about it. They will question your health and you'll just end up in a huge mess if you try to hide it from the doctors. I'm not sure exactly what a doctor would choose to do but I don't believe that even legally they would be allowed to give out the information of your birth control to your boyfriend.

Really what you should do is tell him you want to wait. If he can't agree to your logical and reasonable request then I don't care how long the relationship has been going on it won't work eventually. Eventually one day you are going to wake up to find you hate the relationship your in. Especially if you get forced into having kids when you want to finish school. I do not agree with the people who say just stop birth control and hope you don't get pregnant for a year or more. Maybe it will take a year. Maybe it won't. What if it doesn't? Finishing school pregnant or with a child could be very difficult or impossible for some. Your whole life could be changed because of some guy that doesn't even care about your well being and happiness enough to wait another 2years and for some guy that you can't even trust enough to talk to. It's really not a healthy relationship and part of the problems in this world are with children being born into such relationships. For the well being of the individual you would create I do not think you should have kids in such a relationship unless you can both learn to talk things out and come to agreements.

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