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I've been on Junel FE (a generic brand) for two and a half years and i like it a lot. i took it for irregular periods and pregnancy prevention, but it helped with my acne too and had very mild side effects otherwise (nothing negative, just larger breasts, lighter periods, the good stuff). i'm on a low dose version of it, which could help a lot with the appetite increase if you're on a higher dose pill. i would say talk to your doctor and see if he/she can put you on a lower dose pill.

but to be honest with you, i'd say if you need it ONLY for acne, and not for something reproductive-system-related, i wouldn't bother. birth control has long term effects that are still not completely researched and i wouldn't take the risk. there are prescription drugs that help a lot with acne, creams and oral medications that have worked wonders for people i know, you just need to find the right one. it's not worth messing up your hormones and your weight.

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