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I'm 25 and have never been pregnant or on birth control before now. I have never had regular periods, they skip a couple months at a time, and always have if you want to consider that regular. On the 22nd of June my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex. My period came on the 30th of June, I had not had one since 24th of April. Then on the 5th of July I began taking birth control. I have been very nauseas, dizzy, have been having constant headaches and it possible that I'm pregnant or are these all just side effects from the birth control? I'm just confused. I don't understand how I could have unprotected sex then begin my period like normal...but still be feeling so sick and drained all the time. I don't want to stop taking my birth control without knowing for sure that I am pregnant, will the pill effect the results of a pregnancy test? Thanks for any insight or advice.

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