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I took Loestrin 24fe for a year. I never had an issues with breakthrough bleeding. I did feel that it partially responsible to my weight gain (in combination with terrible eating habits and little exercise). My mood issues were greatly improved compared to Yaz which was the first pill I took.

I took Yasmin and felt no issues with weight gain, hunger attacks, or issues with my libido. However, this was the only bill I have taken where my cycle was when I began a new pack; the only way to prevent this was to continue with pink pills and skip the sugar pills. This was frustrating and I eventually stop taking it.

Now, I am Lo-Seasonale which as of right now, I am also not thrilled with. Only on my first pack and having some serious breakthrough bleeding into the third month. If it does not get better by completing my next 3-month pack, I will likely go back to loestrin and stay strict on my eating/exercise regimen.

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