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Has anyone ever purposely skipped their period by not taking the placebo pills and starting a new pack right away? I've read that its ok to do that every once in awhile if you want to skip a period...and I was going on vacation to Florida earlier this month and of course my period was due the day after we left so I planned to skip. But I did have some problems with skipping. I started having very light bleeding for about the first 2 weeks...when I should've had no bleeding at all. It was really strange but I just figured my body must have been confused. I have been on birth control pills for over 13 years (I am 31 now). Every now and then I have missed a pill, but never more than 1 pill. I know if you miss a pill you are supposed to take it as soon as you remember..even if it means taking 2 pills in one day. And everything I've read says you do not need a back-up method. Well I missed a pill during the 2nd week of my pack and I took the missed pill the next day and doubled-up. I had intercourse the following day with no back-up. Now fast-forward to today...I am supposed to be having my period now and it never came. It is 4 (almost 5) days late and I always have it by now. I am freaking out so I went and bought an at-home preg. test and took it this morning and it says negative but I am worried that it could be inaccurate or not sensitive enough. I've also read that it is not uncommon to skip a period when you are on the pill...but it has never to me in 13 years. I am wondering if becuase I purposely skipped my period last month and had the break-through bleeding that maybe I am just all messed up right now? Or should I buy another brand of pregnancy test? Has anyone ever been through this?

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