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Fortunately, where I come from --not the US, not Canada, and non-EU territory--women can freely access these types of pills by asking a pharmacist, without having to consent to a humiliating experience at the gyno.
I speak as a 29 y.o 100% asexual--so it might be hard for anyone else here to relate to this.

I have been successfully able to delay my period since age 15. At the time, I used the estrogen/progesterone combined birth control pill--and read above, I am asexual as in zero sexual activity and therefore, zero probability of conception, and zero desire for any of that. This method worked beautifully but I'd rather not be on a monthly pill.

What I do is stop by any pharmacy and ask for primolut-n, which is synthetic progesterone, also known as norethindrone. It's a tablet, not a suppository (again, I could not and would not use anything like that as it grosses me out), that one takes 2-3 times a day 2-3 days before the period for up to 10 -15 days. one can also use it to induce the period up to 2 weeks in advance. As a procrastinator, the pill is foolproof. I've procrastinated my period countless times, with no adverse effects (keep in mind I'm super-duper fit and healthy and have perfectly regular cycles, a waste really imho but Nature is stupid and wasteful that way), and the method has been foolproof. The one time it failed was when I'd already begun my period; I did read that even then, continued use of this pill will cut off the period after several days but I am not sure on this. bringing it forward, or preponing, has worked about 65% of the time--but the data here is small-n, which in layman speak means I only tried it a few times. The reason is that the body might just not be ready to shed the lining.

Given that I have the fortune or misfortune of living in the precious 'West' (US and now the UK), I store up on primolut-n, among other things, for situations like these.

I don't why that doc is not sure--this method is foolproof. Wiki will tell you that menses starts when progesterone levels drop and converge to zero (at the limit).

The other method that will work for y'all --doubtless 90% of you are on or have been on birth control to please and keep selfish men and undergo the torture of sex--is taking the combo progesterone /estrogen pill.Instead of taking the sugar pills for days 22-28--the colored ones--continue on to the next batch (the active batch) for however long you want to delay the period. Taking the colored pills will result in drop of progesterone levels and bring on your period.

Lastly, don't delay the period to please the guy. If I were you, I'd use it as as an excuse to delay the inevitable. At least that way you get to enjoy the holidays. besides which, how do you think period cramps compare on a relative pain-level scale to intercourse?! can't be even compared, as that comparison would lead the function to explode. (infinity for intercourse over negligible error term for cramps).

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