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Hello - I would like to know if anyone has experienced spotting/breakthrough bleeding for the first time after several months of being on yaz without any problems?
I have been taking yaz for about 5 months now. So far i've had no problems, but a few days ago i started having brownish spotting, and today i've actually had a little "fresh" bleeding along with the spotting. Nothing that would require a tampon, but quite unsettling nonetheless. This all started about 3-4 days ago, and i've still got 6 active pills left.
I've never had spotting/breakthrough bleeding before, not with yaz, not with the other pills i've taken in the past, yasmin and mercilon. I switched to yaz because the others were killing my libido and also because i wanted something with lower hormone levels.
Any thoughts? Could this somehow mean that the effectiveness of the pill might be reduced? I really would prefer not having to switch pills again..
Any and all responses will be greatly appreciated! :)
Have you been taking your pills exactly as directed and more or less the same time everyday? That is a possible reason I can think of for the breakthrough bleeding. In any case I suggest speaking to your doctor about this, just to make sure that everything is still ok.
Thanks for the responses!
I was just concerned because I've never experienced breakthrough bleeding before, and since this occurred after months of taking the stuff without problems I thought it might be a sign that something's really wrong/the pill's stopped working as well.
But I went to the doctor's yesterday and she didn't seem too concerned. She said there's an imbalance of hormones going on, of course, but it should settle back to normal, so I'm gonna stick with Yaz at least for a few more months to see if my hormones manage to re-balance.

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