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Chemically, is there a difference between Trinessa tablets and Tri-Sprintec? I have been told by the Pharmacy that they are the same just produced by different manufacturers. The Tri-Sprintec tablets are bigger----could the chemical compounds be different? Some people say they have more nausea with the Tri-Sprintec---in their mind??? My daughter was taking Trinessa and now the Pharmacy only carries Tri-Sprintec. We had trouble getting her adjusted to Trinessa, will I have to go thru another adjustment period?
Triness and Trisprintec are not the same. Chemically they are close to the same but not extactly. I was on Trinessa for over two years and switched to trisprintec and had a horrible time. I am switching back to trinessa due to daily nausea, mood swings, along with numerous other problems. You should expect an adjustment time of atleast 3 months. I would suggest finding another pharmacy that carries trinessa to avoid the process of switching over.
Did you experience acne when switching from trinessa to trisprintec?
My doctor mistakenly refilled my BCPs with Tri-Sprintec instead of the Trinessa that I have been on for numerous years. My face has broken out terribly (I'm on my 3rd pack of Tri-Sprintec) so I'm going back to Trinessa. I have noticed that my mood swings have subsided (my PMS mood swings, that is) but I think the benefits of Trinessa outweigh those of of Tri-Sprintec.

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