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Can someone please give me some advice.i am almost 43 yrs old and need a reliable birth control,i do not want to get pregnant again.i just started back on birth control{jollivette} a few weeks ago,but hate being back on hormones,weight gain,moodiness,headaches.i thought about the iud or essure procedure.also for the last few years,i have gotten bad periods.i get severe cramping,pain,and alot of bleeding.i was leaning towards the paraguard iud,but was told it could make the cramping worse! What about the essure? Is it a good option? Isnt it dangerous to leave metal in your body permanatly? I cant get my tubes cut and tied,i had it scheduled twice,and backed out at the last minute,im afraid of surgery,so thats not an option.i also heard that"todays sponge" is very effective,if i want to put one of those in each time.could someone give me some advice,i dont know what to with the same guy,but he wont wear a condom,or have a vasectomy its on me to figure something out.i dont know how many more years i have to worry about getting pregnant,but i just cant,please help??

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