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Okay so I've only just started taking the Pill, for about 2 weeks now. I asked my doctor when I got the perscription if it's okay to skip my period for convineance reasons in the first packet (by not taking the sugar pills at the end) and she said it was fine. Although, I've had light breakthrough bleeding everyday now (which is really darn annoying) and I've read so many different situations about it and skipping periods etc.

I hear that breakthrough bleeding is normal for the first three months, but some sites have said that if I skip my period I'm likely to get even more of it? And it's best to just have your period to 'flush it out' and give my body a chance to get rid of it, or atleast have less.

So when I sided with this theory, I'm now concerned about how long my period will go for if I do have it, since I haven't had one while using the pill before - Some people have said it's lasted up to 2 weeks )which will REALLY ruin my plans)? and others only 3 days :(

Or whether I should continue with my first idea of not having my period and risk/put up with having heavier btb?

I really can't decide what to do!
Any advise would be much appreciated :)

Hi Scarlet

When you started your pill did you start it on the first day of your period? In both my experience (some years agoo) and more recently my daughter's and others on this board I believe, if you do that you often get a lot of breakthrough bleeding in the first month. If this is the regime that you followed then I think that if at all possible you should have your break fro active pills and 'let it out' as it were. You may well find that, as long as the pill is suited to you, the btb will stop or at least be greatly reduced once you start the second pack.

With regard to how long your period will be then that really depends on the individual. Both me and my daughter have it for about 5 days but I know of others who have it for only 3 days and others that have it for a week. I think anyone who has it for 2 weeks on the pill should be looking to change their pill as this is certainly not how it should be.

I wish you well and hope that things sort themselves out very soon :)
Since you're already having problems with breakthrough bleeding, I wouldn't try skipping it. Anyway, it's not advisable to try skipping until your body has had enough time to adjust to the pill. You literally just started. I would wait for the 3 months to allow your body to adjust and then try it.

If you don't wait, you may possibly have continued breakthrough bleeding as a result.

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