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I have only been taking birth control for a week i want to stop due to the fact that i dont feel right taking it and dont need to that badly anyways. I have a doctors Appointment on Dec.1 and cant have my period that day. How long will i bleed for once i stop taking the pills?
what if i was to stop taking the pills when im supposed to get my period anyhow? and just dont start a new pack?
Then you would get your 'period' a few days after you stopped the pills. You don't take them after the obligatory 7 days then your cycle resumes as normal.
ok then im going to finish this pack of pills and stop taking them so my period will be somewhat regular lol
[QUOTE=ChaoticCutie;4130899]ok then im going to finish this pack of pills and stop taking them so my period will be somewhat regular lol[/QUOTE]

Being on birth control pills for any amount of time will make your period irregular, especially if you stop taking the pills mid-pack. Because you are just starting, you may have break through bleeding (usually just spotting, but definitely not your period). To decrease the possibility of breakthrough bleeding, take vitamin C, and if/when you start to bleed, take a couple advil. The prostaglandins in the ibuprofen will actually decrease the amount of bleeding that occurs, this works for when you get your next period too. When you stop taking these pills, make sure you have taken all of the active pills (21 pills total). You don't need to take the 7 inactive pills, and your period should come during this time regardless of when it is actually due. The good news is that your next cycle shouln't be irregular at all. Also, don't be surprised if you bleed less, or if it is darker or lighter in color during your next period. This is because of the hormones in the birth control pills, and the fact that you won't ovulate (no egg will be released).

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