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[QUOTE=mary1362;4790452]Hi OVT22,

I have been on Yasmin for about 2 weeks now, first time on BC pills actually, I started it because after my last period was finished, I started bleeding like 3 days later, and my doctor put me on it to stop the second bleeding. It did work for a few days, but then agian bang! Now I am on my 6th day of continues breakthrough bleeding (not spotting, actual bleeding like a period) meaning I'm having a 3rd round of bleeding this month. since I read up here that it might get even nastier like the blood clot case, I'm thinking of throwing the whole thing into garbage bin.
My question for you now is what happened when you stopped? did your period come? How long did it last? I'm tired of bleeding, I've been bleeding for like 20 days in the past month and I feel very tired and weak.[/QUOTE]

I just went back to my normal self ad soon as I got off... I don't remember awkward bleeding... But having a light period makes sense for a couple of days after you get off the pill. I guess hormones aren't for everyone. Hope you can get your old regular self back soon! :))

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