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I really hope someone out there can help me and shed some light on this for me. I have been on YAZ since Oct 2008. No problems. In fact, for a mom of 35 I had started breaking out like I was 14 again. It was horrible. OB suggested YAZ and all my friends loved it - so I gave it a shot. I love the shorter periods - although it does take me a few days into the white pills to actually start my period. The cycle is short and not so heavy.

The last 4 months have been different. I have started to have breakthrough bleeding about 2 weeks into a fresh pack of pills. At first it is bright red streaks and was on and off until my actual period. The second month it was the same thing but then the third month and again this month - the streaking started and by the evening - I was in a full blown period. Don't get me wrong - this month it is light - but I have only taken the first 10 pills - I have another 7 pink pills to take before I am suppose to start my cycle. It is not heavy - but enough for me to wear a pantyliner or a light tampon - constantly - - -

I am 37. I am not having any more children. My husband has had the V. I went on the birth control b/c after my daughter was born (she is 5 this week) my periods were out of control. They would come and go as they pleased and I would bleed for way more than a week - then it would be weeks before I would start again. They would last 2 weeks and stop for a week and then pick back up. Also the acne, etc was a problem.

What is going on? I have called my dr. The nurse was suppose to call me back but she didn't. Instead a prescription was delivered to my house for Cryselle - 28. No explanation - no consultation - no instructions - nothing. I have no idea if I continue with this period or start the new pills. At this point, I am wanting to scream. I am not a high maintanance patient but when I am bothered with something and it deals with meds - I would like some "talking" before I just start popping something new.

In a nutshell - I want no acne, no weight gain - and lighter periods lasting fewer days. I would like to not have breakthrough bleeding. Is that really too much to ask for at this point???

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