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ok...i'm 23 years old and not looking to have a child. i have been on tri sprintec birth control pill for about 4 months...current pack i'm on is my 4th pill pack. so far it has been bad side effects...but now i'm freaking out a little. i'm on my week 2 pills and just experienced probably less than a teaspoon amount of blood when i wiped after going to the bathroom. from what i remember i think the blood was a normal red color (possibly a lighter red) i experienced this small amount of blood on a thursday and the last time i had sex was on sunday morning. my bf did not ejaculate inside me, but there may have been pre-cum. i have not experienced any break through bleeding before. i am concerned this may be implantation bleeding. i understand the pill is supposed to prevent ovulation but i read there is such a thing as breakthrough ovulation while on the pill. also, i have NEVER missed a pill and take it within the same 1-2 hours everyday (if not the same exact time everyday). i called my doctor and she said if bleeding continues to let her know and she will give me a stronger pill. she did not have any concern about pregnancy, but i am still freaking out. please someone give some advice!! thanks!

i know i should just wait to see if my period comes in a week, but i was planning on skipping my period that week since it's my boyfriends bday...ugh...

i hope i am just over analyzing it all...thanks for any input!!

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