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I've been on birth control before. Many, many different types. I'm in a monogamous relationship and I would really prefer to not use a condom. Every time I've been on any type of birth control, I've been extremely depressed, crying, anxious all of the time, overreacting about stupid things. I feel like a completely different person. No amount of anxiety treatments or medications or counseling helped. I decided to get an IUD (the mirena) and I had that inserted in June of 2009. Before I had the mirena put in, I was a healthy weight; 5'6" and 125lbs. I rapidly gained weight and no matter what I do, diet and exercise, can I seem to lose weight. I feel bloated all of the time. My periods used to be 3-4 days long, but pretty heavy. Now my periods are over a week long, but very light, but the consistency is thick. I cramp all of the time, and the anxiety isn't as bad, but it's noticeable and debilitating at times. I cramp after sex, and it is starting to seem very much NOT WORTH IT! I don't want to go back to birth control unless I have to, and I'm scared of getting the IUD taken out. (I've never had kids, and the insertion process was extremely painful, and I was in pain for several weeks afterward.) I'm getting really frustrated with the weight gain, and I'm very frustrated with my moodiness and the constant cramping! However, I really don't want to get pregnant, and condoms are a last resort for me and my partner. We are both very safe and have no STD's and enjoy the intimacy of not using a condom. Has anyone else been in this situation? What do women do who have had this issue? Any advice on birth control that worked for women who have an extreme sensitivity to hormones? Any and all information and personal experiences would be very much appreciated. I'm about ready to rip this thing out myself! I want to be myself again :( I just don't want children yet. Are there alternate forms of birth control that won't mess up my system so much? Thank you for your thoughts

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