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I've been on the pill for 2 years. In those 2 years, I've had an increased frequency of migraines and bouts of yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. The migraines can be pretty bad sometimes, but when I feel good I tend to forget how bad they can get when they come back. Right now I just control them with OTC medications that don't work, but I tried my mom's perscription of maxalt, who also gets migraines. It works pretty well to control the pain. For while now, I haven't had health insurance or a steady doctor which is why I did not further pursue my options for migraine medications. Anyway, I've dealt with the yeast infections and bacterial infections being checked by which ever doctor was available at the time. There is a point to my long windedness and madness. A couple days ago, I went to see a new doctor about a suspected yeast infection which turned out to be bacterial vagniosis. She asked me a lot of questions to figure what could be the causes of my frequent infections, and then asked me about my birth control and migraines. Since I am due for a pap test now, she wanted me to come back in a few weeks for one. We are going to discuss other birth control options because of the migraines and frequent infections.

I'm just not sure what alternative is appropriate for me. I've considered other options before, but always come back to the hormonal method again even though it's not that great for one who suffers from migraines or depression. The diaphragm is latex and it requires spermicide, both of which are a garantee for infections with me. Spermicide is very irritating to me. Condoms alone don't put my mind at ease. Even though I use them and know how to properly put them on, there's still that fear of something happening. Then there is the IUD. I know of people that have ended up pregnant with them in or having an etopic pregnancy, plus it is deemed inappropriate for someone like me who has not had children yet. (I don't plan on having any children either.) Yes, I know no birth control is perfect, but do I want to take such a risk with my body with such an instrument like an IUD? Before the pill, I had long, heavy periods with some cramps, and just menstural migrianes. After the pill, my periods were shorter and lighter with no cramps whatsoever. It's just the headaches throughout my cycle that bother me. Then again, I could end up still having migraines even if I go off hormonal birth control completely. It's a no win situation it seems. I'm just wondering what others have to say. I'll be seeing my doctor in a few weeks, but I just want to see if anyone else has been in my situation or know of anyone who has. Thanks for letting me vent here and for reading this long post.

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