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Anyone tried or on Alesse, one of the newer birth control pills with a lower dose of estrogen. I am to start this pill after being off the pill for 4 years.
Previously the pill made me fat and bloated and would like to find out some of the side effects of Alesses.
I have been on Alesse for the past year and it has been pretty good! The only real side effect I noticed was my breasts were sore. I also don't get my period when I'm suppose to (once I start the green pills) but I'm going to call my doctor and ask her about it. I don't know if that has anything to do with the actual pill or myself. But overall, the pill is good because of the low dose of estrogen and the side effects aren't bad at all. Good luck!
Hi I was on Alesse for a little over a year. It was a pretty good pill as far as side effects go. The only problem was that it gave me hormonal cystic acne. I have since quit alesse and am on Accutane and Yasmin. My skin is clear finally. I think i will have some sort of skin resurfacing next year to take care of the scars left over from alesse.

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