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This is fairly long winded and im sorry so ill bullet point to make it easier to understand/read

-the week before 3rd of october i was still on MICROGYNON 30, ALWAYS had a period on it during 7 day break.

-waited my 7 day break then switched to loestrin.

-i had sex during the 7 days of switching from loestrin to micrgynon, he didnt ever ejaculate but i always worry about pre sorry.
Got the morning after pill. (plan b) and was told there was a small chance of being pregnant anyway.

-10th october, i had sex again (no ejaculation)(foolish i know) this was the 7th day on loestrin so i would hopefully of been protected but took morning after pill aswelll again

-2 morning after pills in the space of one week :/

-had sex with a condom twice from then onwards.

- 19th i was on doxycillin an antibiotic. and then i started bleeding for aprox 7 days, lighter than my period.

-28/29th i came off stopping DURING my 7 day break, then i got extremely bad cramping

-1st nov i went to the clinic took a pregnancy test and it was negative. began bleeding again for aprox 3/4 days.

4th- i was sick but i think i had food posioning or it was loestrin as ive read alot about how it makes people sick.

10th - went to the clinic got a pregnancy test again and was negative.

then my mum had a stroke. and i broke up with boyfriend. (stress)

still NO PERIOD but extremely bad cramping and sore breasts.
went to the clinic last week and took another pregnancy test and was negative. :/

im still petrified im pregnant i am under alot of stress but i havent had sex since it all, i dont know what to do im suffering the signs of coming on but not having a period :/

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