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Pill & Migraines
Mar 23, 2011
I suffer from migraines and am considering ALL things that might help. I have been on the same pill for about 10 years. I never had any side effects at all for years and have been very happy with the pill. I originally went on it at a young age because I used to get very sick and throw up a lot during my periods, which were also irregular. I'd rather have that over my migraines, but both make me ill and miss work, which isn't good either way. The pill completely eliminated that and I only got very minor aches in my stomach, none or very few cramps, and no PMS. I take the name brand Yasmin by the way. After the generic became available, I decided to stay on the name brand just in case.

I didn't have migraines for years... I developed them about 4 years after I had already been on the pill. Is it still possible that the pill can cause them, but I developed a sensitivity to it over the 4 years? I thought they would not be connected since I was fine for so long, but then I wondered if it could still be caused by my pill.

My worst migraines are menstrual migraines during my periods. I use my pill to skip every other period (by starting a new pack instead of taking the placebo pills) and thus, cut those migraines down. My gyno recommended I do this and it's been a WONDERFUL idea. I tried to skip my periods to get them every 3 months... worked at first, but the second time I started spotting non-stop and still got the migraine! I think it threw my body off too much.

I absolutely do not want to go off of all pills, because they do greatly help control my period symptoms, menstrual migraines, and of course offer great birth control. I'm happily married and pregnancy would be devastating since I'm struggling to even care for myself with my head troubles. I'm currently seeing a neurologist and taking various medication, but have yet to find the right mixture of preventive medication and treatment. I also do not really want to try the minipill because of its lower effectiveness. I am VERY good about taking my pill and not forgetting it, so I really want something that is at least 99% effective when taken perfectly. IUD's really made me feel anxious just reading about them... the insertion sounded uncomfortable and then the heavy periods and cramps, ugh! Having NO hormonal birth control actually worries me a lot since I get a lot of benefits from it.

I've read so many awful things about Yasmin. I thought I was doing very well on it, but I'm not sure if the migraines might be possibly bothered more by the Yasmin. Since menstrual migraines are caused by a drop in estrogen levels, I thought maybe a pill with lower estrogen would help.... there's Lo Loestrin and even Yaz, which I wouldn't think that would too different from Yasmin overall. I know all pills have awful side effects with some people, but are there any pills that are supposed to be HELPFUL with migraines or at least cause them less often? Would it be worth going off of mine to try something new? I'll be extremely disappointed if I switch and feel a lot worse. Not sure what is best at this point!

I'll probably not change my pill just yet... I'm seeing a physical therapist soon to see if I have neck problems contributing to my migraines. I plan on doing that and a few other things FIRST, then if all else fails, look into my b.c. Thanks in advance for any advice!

PS- I know the pill isn't recommended for some who have migraines, but I don't think I get auras (I don't seem to fit what others describe them as), and that seems to be the main concern for increased stroke risk!

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