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Hey everybody! I've been on Seasonale for about 2 1/2 months now, and three days ago, I went off for my week-long break. Before that, I had my period (er... break-through bleeding, I guess?) for three weeks! (Before the break-through bleeding started, however, everything was great--no side effects at all!) I called my doctor three days ago, and she said to take a week off the pill, and that's why I'm off currently. I went in to see my doctor today, and she recommended that I take another kind of birth control pill after my week-long break is up. But here's the catch: MY WEDDING IS IN TWO WEEKS! She said it was my choice whether to keep taking Seasonale or to take the other kind she recommended, and she said that, no matter which one I chose, she wasn't sure if I'd still be bleeding on my wedding day, and that she wasn't sure if I'd be fully protected from getting pregnant. She did say that there was a better chance that I wouldn't bleed if I took the different kind of pill, although she said that I would probably have to use a condom for a while. I NEED HELP! Does anyone know what's the best idea? I do NOT want to bleed on my wedding day (or for the whole week after), and I do NOT want to get pregnant. I really don't want to use a condom, but would rather do that than get pregnant. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help! Any and all advice is welcome! I just want to enjoy my wedding day and night! Thanks guys!

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