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hey newb,

Welcome to HealthBoards, great name, by the way.

This is a great question, and I wish more young men thought as you do. I am first going to give you the "out of the book: answer.

Birth control pills are less than 100 % effective against pregnancy, if used as directed 100% of the time. Since we humans are known to be various is nature, the effectiveness of birth control pills alone will never be 100% effective if you NEVER want to get pregnant, however accidental, this is not enough to protect you.

Use of the pills...I take many medications, and I know how difficult it can be to manage, especially just one little pill. It is almost easier to take 10! I have a suggestion for you to keep on time for your pill taking. Use the alarm feature of your cell phone- it works wonders!
If you have a regular schedule of getting up, the morning is good for some people because it becomes part of their morning routine.

By the way, she is doing very well with her timing, but I would not consider stopping condoms at any point. It will take her body a few months to just get going on the pills. Women have very different experiences when it comes to adjusting to birth control pills. You might drop over to the birth control threads while you are here on the Healthboards...the women can share their stories about getting started.

We all need 4-6 weeks to begin adjust to new medications. That will be the time any side effects will show up. If the side effects are tolerable (most are) and she continues with the particular pill, it may take 3 months for her to get settled.

For the pill to work, you first need to bring the level of the pill up into your bloodstream to a high enough level to begin to work, (the 2-6 weeks), then you need to keep the level steady over a long period of time by taking the daily dose. Taking it at relatively the same time each day keeps the level steady 24 hours a day.

I would give her time to adjust before moving to the next step. You sound like an upright man, and I have two sons who I have given the same advice...

Until you are married, and ready to begin your family...keep a cover on.

You own that to your future wife and children, and if she is the one, she will respect you for making that choice. Any woman who encourages you to go commando might not have the true consequences in mind...That does happen, after all... As a man, you make the choices about where you lay your seed.

I hope that helps
I am sure this thread is going to be well responded to, and I look forward to reading along...Best wishes

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