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This is my experience with my copper IUD insertion.

I had mine inserted one month ago.

When I arrived at my appointment the doctor had me lay on the table and he then did a quick internal exam (just a little uncomfortable) to check the size of my uterus and make sure there was nothing strange going on there.

He then proceeded to insert the IUD - which was probably the most painful experience of my life. I am not a wimp...I have numerous tattoos and have had 2 surgeries and none of it compared to the pain I felt with the IUD insertion.

I was gripping the table and I screamed. That said, the whole insertion process was over in about 10 seconds so it didn't last long. Immediately after insertion I started experiencing INTENSE cramps. My body then went into shock - I went pale and started sweating and I was shaking.

The doctor had me lay down on the table and rest for a while.

I finally managed to make it home and spent the entire rest of the day in the fetal position in bed experiencing the worst cramps I have ever felt - you should definitely take the day off work!!

The next day I still had some cramps but they were MUCH better and then by day 3 they were pretty much gone.

I spotted for 1 week - nothing too heavy, just a bit of spotting that went away after 7 days.

Since then I have not had any cramping or spotting and I feel completely fine. I am VERY happy with the IUD but the insertion process was incredibly painful.

I was supposed to get my period yesterday but it has not come yet, although I am experiencing some cramping so I expect that means it should be here shortly.

Good luck with whatever you decide!
Similar experience here to Kimm. I also have not had children. Intense pain at insertion and crampy for about 36 hours afterwards. I spotted for a few days. After that, no problems with the IUD and none of the problems I had with hormonal contraception.

My periods are heavier than my "normal" (when not on hormonal BC and no IUD) period, but also about a day shorter, which is opposite what I heard.

However, any type of hormonal BC killed my sex drive and frankly turned me into a b**ch, so the paragard is great! I got mine last year and I'm back to my normal self and I feel fine now, I don't even know it's there! I had been on various hormonal BC for years before, and thought my lack of sex drive was just normal for me, but it's stronger than it has EVER been since I got this.

On a side note, my hubby and I have discussed getting it removed as we want kids now...
Hi Cakies :)

I also had a similar experience to kimm and kriss. I too wanted an alternative to hormonal BC. I have not had children yet and getting my Paragard inserted was indeed a painful experience, but thankfully over VERY quickly. I had insane amounts of cramping afterwards, I was actually worried that my uterus was trying to expel the IUD the cramps came so hard. I cramped pretty bad for a few days, and an ultrasound showed the IUD to be perfectly in place except my uterus was a little on the small side to have had the IUD to begin with.

Once you get past the insertion you might be OK to go to work... but if you're cramping pretty bad you might be better off at home!! Definitely take the ibuprofen beforehand :). I used a lot of heat packs to help with the discomfort of cramps too. MY first few periods were much "crampier" than normal. That subsided as time went by. My periods did become heavier and longer, and my sex drive went through the roof as well :D. I kept my IUD for 18 months, I loved having it but I bled so that I was too exhausted to keep up with things very well anymore. All in all I'll go back to using the Paragard again after my baby comes. Good luck :wave:

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