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[QUOTE=amber343;4021022]Hello. I hope you are feeling much better soon. I'm so sorry to hear about this- it's really frightening, I also ended up with a blood clot in my lung three weeks ago but the cause is unknown- since then I have had a few clots in my legs even when on dalteparin daily.

Amber x[/QUOTE]

In October of 2008 I to suffered a Blood clot in my right lung, the size of a lemon. After being on seasonique for 3 months. I had been on other types of monthly birth control before off and on through my adult life. And never had an issue. the Drs. said i was soooo lucky. If i would have waited a half hour more to go to the hospital I wouldn't be here now. The clot had cut off blood flow which had stopped the circulation in my lower lobe. I almost lost part of my lung. But after almost a year my lungs are almost back to full capacity. I'm obviously not the only one that has had this with Seasonique, I have heard of other forms of this birth control have caused these types of problems. Why isn't anything being done or said about Seasonique?? Shouldn't this Company be investigated too? Women that have suffered any complications from this birth control should be acknowledged and compensated. I'm tired of being a Ginnie pig. My life is valuable Just like anyone else's is... And this should NOT be taken lightly. Some form of action should be taken with this.

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