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Does anyone have experience with a REALLY GOOD birth control to manage endometriosis? I was recently diagnosed this it, along with ovarian cysts, past June and I my dr put me on Lo Loestrin 24 and I had a REALLY BAD reaction to it and could only take it for 9 days. I literally felt like killing myself while I was taking it!!! I have taken 4 different types of combination birth control pills in the last 8 years and I have had really bad reactions to [B][I][U]ALL[/U][/I][/B] of them. One of the bad side effects is [B]HORRID[/B] acne. I woke up the next day, after taking the 1st pill with large, rock hard lumps on my face, near my chin & jawline that I'm STILL dealing with!!! My dr thinks I'm insane when I tell him of all the horrible side effects that I have to the bc pills. I have had my hormones tested because endometriosis feeds off of estrogen and they came back normal but my primary care dr seemed like a bit of a moron as to which hormone levels should actually be tested, so I'm going to go to an endocrinologist for more tests. My dr suggested the Mirena but I don't know how I feel about that....anyone have experience with the Mirena - good or bad???

[B]ANY & ALL info would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!![/B]

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