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when i first started on birth control i was prescribed ortho tri cyclen lo (6 years ago). about a year ago i switched to nuva ring and recently decided i'd rather switch back to what i was on.
i started the first new pack as scheduled and the month went smoothly. the second pack (this month) i started as usual (friday start), but was sick the next day. i always had an issue with hormonal birth control making me nauseous so i didn't think anything of it. i wasn't feeling much better even on monday and straight through the next week (maybe a virus?). i started feeling much better the following weekend. in the meantime i wasn't taking my pills correctly because i didn't feel well and debated on going off them completely since i wasn't sure if it was from the pills themselves. i doubled up some days but realized i was so messed up i skipped two light blue pills and went right on to taking the dark blue ones. i also didn't take the last dark blue one before the placebos. weeks that i messed up pills i would start to get my period but then when i doubled up on pills it would stop. in the meantime i maybe had sex 4-5 times during the month, every time with a condom.
i ordinarily get my period on sundays/mondays but since i missed that last pill before the placebos i figured i would have expected it saturday (yesterday) or sunday (today) - i know its not even noon, but should i be expecting it to be late since i skipped right over two pills during week 2? :confused: i've never messed my pills up so bad --- i feel like a moron...

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