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Hi, I was on ortho tricyclen for over a year (no problems with irregularity before and during) and switched over to alesse 2 weeks ago (the switch is for so I can skip my period due to suspected endometriosis.)

Anyhow, a week into it I missed 2 pills (i don't know how, never did that before) but I made it up by taking 2 pills a day for the next 2 days. I had started spotting right around then and it was just brown and very watered down looking.

I'm now halfway into my 3rd week of the pack and the spotting has come to look like my regular menstrual blood, and the flow has been like it is on the second last day of my period.

I'm not sure if:

A) I should stop taking the pill right now (4 doses early)

B) I should finish the pack and maybe have a normal period (rather than skipping like my gyn suggested) would it even be a normal period?

C) I should do what my gyn instructed and not take a 7 day break

I would ask my gyn but he's a specialist who won't answer questions on the phone and my next appt is on Nov 28th. I am however planning to see my GP this weekend.


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