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hello everyone!

I have been on my birth control for a couple of months now, and I am starting the 3rd row of my pills. This morning I have spotting (enough to use a panty liner.. and it started off a lighter pink to a now darker brown)... and I am very worried if this is implantation bleeding or maybe something else???? :confused:

Last month i took an emergency contraceptive pill.. and this month i was quite sick.. so i'm not sure if that'll have some effect...

I know that I won't know if im pregnant till next week (when i expect my AF).. but i was hoping anyone could give me insight on what they believe.

Although I am at the stage of my life where I would be able to care for a baby, right now isn't the most ideal time for me to start a family (especially since the "dad" and I aren't on great terms now a days)...

but yes, does anyone know if this is implantation bleeding??

thank you for your help!

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