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congratulations first of all..
i had the implant inserted first when i was about 20. After about a year i had to have it removed as i blew up like a balloon and was bleeding an awful lot which wore me out.

im now 26 and have opted to give the implant another go. i have it in about a year now and have no bloating or excessive bleeding like before. id say at 20 my own hormones were still trying to settle.
the only negative this i will say that i experience is alot of spotting and also dark brownish discharge. to me it seems to be 'old blood' being released. i dont get this this all the time but just for 3 - 7 days every 6 - 8 weeks. its not very pleasant but manageable all the same.
i dont think iv had a ' regular ' period at all this time.... but can never plan for it. just get random bleeds, but more so spotting.

All in all,
I cant fault the implant personally.
i work in pharmacy and alot of ladies use the implant and for the majority it works just fine.
hope this helps..

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