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Okay, so. A little backstory about me. I'm 20 now and have been on various kinds of birth control since I was 16. Originally I was on the depo shot for about 1-2 years, which was awful because I would get breakthrough bleeding that just went. Forever. I haven't swam in years because I'd spend 2 months straight on my period. Needless to say, I switched to something lower commitment, a generic version of Seasonale when I was 18. I really just wanted a life not freaking bleeding for once. I had breakthrough bleeding on this, then was switched to another pill, same problem, at least 6 weeks of bleeding if I stuck to it.

I'm underweight so especially now my body has trouble adjusting to all the constant bleeding, my hair gets brittle, my face gets pale, ugh. Anyhow, after that pill failed my Dr prescribed me Seasonale. After 6-8 weeks on that, the bleeding began. I was like, hell no. I'm not doing this. So, I started taking the sugar pills, did that for a week, and started a new pack. I've been doing this for over a year now, including the past 5 months I have not been sexually active. I just take the white pills when the spotting starts, or a couple weeks before a time I really don't want to bleed. I really wish my body would just do the whole 3 month cycle for once; last month I had 2 periods! Now I'm beginning to wonder if I brought it upon myself though, ending and restarting a pack whenever I saw fit...never got pregnant...did I really do something wrong?

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