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The previous answer covers some ground but does not answer your question. if your body thinks its pregnant, why is there period symptoms?

I have been trying to get answers too. Why would my body start PMSing days before I even finish the pack? It should be thinking its pregnant. Yet its fully PMS stuff, sore breasts, water gain, cramps... period stuff.

So far I just seem to confuse doctors with this question. These are not pregnancy symptoms.. these are period symptoms. Long before my body even knows its not really pregnant. Im still taking pills and this happens.

I will keep asking, one day an answer will actually make sense Im sure. When that happens I will share it here.

In my case all I can think of is that its been this way for years (for me) so maybe the body times things... and remembers last month. Maybe after 15 years of that cycle, fake or not... the body is counting days.

For that reason though, any pill you keep on taking with no breaks... you may want to give a few months to work properly, to retrain your body to this new schedule. Makes more sense than giving up right away I think...

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