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Hello everyone, I joined the boards because I am getting desperate for answers! In December I started to have terribly heavy 10+ day long periods. After tests and an ultra sound I was diagnosed with four uterine fibroids. My doctors first choice was to try a new non-hormonal medicine called Lysteda. I tried this for two months but had very poor results. I then tried Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo for two months, though I liked this birth control a lot since it did not give me any bad side effects the results were extremely poor. I saw the doctor a few weeks ago, she told me that I will be starting BeYaz. I have heard so many bad things about this pill in the media, I was scared to try it but since I had such bad results with two pasts medicines I thought I better try something else. She told me to finish the active pills in my Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo and then skip the placebo pills and start with the first active pill of BeYaz. She said I wouldn't get a period since I was going from active pill to active pill but I have been breakthrough bleeding every day since I've started BeYaz. I have also been feeling pretty down and anxious since starting this new pill. She told me to give BeYaz two months and then let her know how its working. My question is does birth control even work well for fibroids? She said she DOES NOT want to have to do surgery to removed the fibroids because its risky and I'm only 28 years old but it seems to me that I'm wasting a lot of time waiting for these pills to work. I have to stay in the house for 10+ days a month basically just sitting in the bathtub bleeding. She said if BeYaz does not work she will try the Depot shot which makes me even more nervous since I have heard such bad things about them. I am just confused, I have heard so many people say that they have had their fibroids removed or even lasered off, I'm starting to wonder if I should get a second opinion from another doctor? If anyone has any experience with Fibroids, using birth control to control the heavy bleeding due to fibroids, or has tried BeYaz in general please help I am starting to lose hope! Thank you.

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