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Hi, I am a 24 year old female and I have been on birth control pills for 10 years non stop. I have been having many symptoms throughout the past decade that I now think were contributed to being on the pill only recently did I make this connection and i have now been off the pill for a month. Throughout the past 10 years my hair has become extremely thin ( It was incredibly thick before) I have no motivation, fatigue, depression and anxiety to name a few. I went to an endocrinologist because I thought my symptoms could be contributed to hypothyroidism. He did blood work and found that my thyroid was on the low side of normal and I have high prolactin levels. He perscribed cabergoline for the high prolactin and I have been on it for 5 months now but haven't noticed any difference in any of my symptoms. I am convinced the birth control pill messed with my hormones, Specifically my thyroid and prolactin. I am wondering if my hormone levels will become naturally regulated again now that I am not taking the birth control pill and never will again or have I don't permanent damage? Please help me! I am so frightened I have ruined any chance I have at leading a normal life. I don't want to be taking hormone replacement medication for the rest of my life. Has any one else had a similar experience? If so please share because I am desperate for advice and my doctors just keep trying to give me pill after pill without addressing the root of my problem. P.s all my hypothyroid symptoms and all my problems started right after I went on the pill but i was told to stay on it because it was safe. That is how I know it has been the cause of the majority of my problems. Also will my once thick hair ever come back??

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