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I started the pill when I was 15 as well and went off of it was 23. I went off because I felt like I was on it too long and if I ever wanted to start a family I needed time for my hormones to go back to how they were.

It was a big mistake my hormones were so crazy. My face broke out like crazy I had extremely oily skin (never had that before) DR said it could take a few months for my hormones to regulate but I waited a year and it just got worse. I am now back on the pill after a year of being off and my body is messed up! I know it takes 3 months for it to take affect but in the mean time my breasts hurt really bad, I have spotting, and I am so tired I can't believe I get up to go to work some days.

But as far as sex drive goes, when I was on the pill it was low I felt like some days I just didn't want it or wasnt' interested. Off the pill I didn't notice a change to be honest. I have been with my bf for 3.5 yrs and your sex life does die off when you are with someone long term. It is really easy to just blame the pill but in reality it could just be who you are with. I love my bf to death and of course we have slow weeks maybe months but I love him and he loves me and you can't have sex 24/7. Sometimes I have sex because he wants to and I want to make him happy even tho I am not in the mood and I know he does the same. You have to compromise and make it work. Sex isn't everything and when it becomes an issue then the person isnt right for you.

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