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I need some help. I have been taking birth control now for about 3 years. In September, I started to take Orysthia due to my pharmacy running out of Aviane which I normally took. I have every now and again missed a pill or two and NEVER bled before my period. While on my current packet I missed one pill in the second week, and I missed on the third week due to New Years celebration. I was a little afraid of mixing the alcohol and the birth control. The day of NYRS and today I noticed I was bleeding. It didn't show on my tissue, but it was on my pantyliner. I figured it was no big deal and remembered I did skip the pill. I then remembered I had unprotected sex while on this pack. The person did not ejaculate in me, but I always remembered there is always a chance. It wasn't the smartest idea, but I vow not to do it again. Bottom line is I want to know if my bleeding is just from missing pills. I'm looking up everything and it just plain scares me. Please help.

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